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Strive - Contact Center Performance System

This is the official help guide for Strive - A contact center performance system by 4thPortal.


Getting Started
New to Strive? Check out these articles to get started with our contact center performance tools.
Learn The Basics
New to Strive? Learn the basics of using Strive to help your contact center performance.
Explore The Features
Strive provides all the performance related tools you need for your contact center in a single platform. Let's take a tour of the features available.
Extend the power of Strive to improve performance in your contact center by integrating with other apps you use.
We've designed the admin side of Strive to be very simple, and easy to learn. Let's look at all the options available to configure and upload data to Strive.
Use Cases
Learn about some of the specific use cases we've identified for Strive and its role in driving contact center performance.
Best Practices
Check out our tips for improving contact center performance, and getting the most out of Strive.
A collection of frequently asked questions about the Strive contact center performance platform.

Popular Articles

Example coaching questions
Examples of questions you can use in call center coaching sessions to help find opportunities and develop effective action plans with your agent.
How to start using Strive
Strive is a contact center performance system, bringing all the tools you need to monitor and drive performance in to a single application. Let's get started.
Strive provides scorecards and analytical views for your contact center performance data. Report across business units, locations, LOBs and much more.
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